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Главная » 2010 » Декабрь » 2 » Wes Montgomery - Live, 1965
Wes Montgomery - Live, 1965
Jazz Icons - Wes Montgomery - Live, 1965

Time: 1 h 18 min

Jazz Icons: Wes Montgomery shines a light on one of the most unique and influential guitarists in music history. These beautifully filmed programs from the spring of 1965 feature Wes, in intimate studio settings, leading three different lineups through some of his best-known tunes, including "Four On Six", "Jingles" and "West Coast Blues". This rare footage, complete with rehearsals, between-song banter and closeup camera angles, illuminates We's extraordinary musical vocabulary and unconventional picking technique. An in-depth, song-by-song analysis by legendary jazz guitarist Pat Metheny makes this DVD a guitar lover's dream.


Live in Holland 1965
I Love Blues
Nica’s Dream
"Love Affair" Rehearsal
The End Of A Love Affair

Live in Belgium 1965
Twisted Blues
Here’s That Rainy Day
Boy Next Door

Live in England 1965
Four On Six
Full House
Here’s That Rainy Day
Twisted Blues
West Coast Blues

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