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Главная » 2010 » Октябрь » 27 » AC-DC, Pantera, The Black Crowes Metallica - Monsters in Moscow, Russia, 1991
AC-DC, Pantera, The Black Crowes Metallica - Monsters in Moscow, Russia, 1991
AC-DC, Pantera, The Black Crowes Metallica - Monsters in Moscow, Russia, 1991

AC/DC, METALLICA, THE BLACK CROWES, PANTERA and E.S.T. made metal history when they performed at the very first open-air rock festival to be held in the former Soviet . Captured on film, "For Those About To Rock... We Salute You: Monsters in Moscow" presents a concert feature signalling the arrival of a new political order, demanded by the people and heralded in by the sounds of some of the biggest names in rock music. Warner Home Video will debut the title on DVD on June 5.

In September 1991, only a few days after an attempted military coup failed to restore Communism to the newly democratic Russia and its affiliated nations, 500,000 rock music fans converged in Moscow to enjoy the very first open-air rock concert.

The evening kicked off with PANTERA taking to the stage. Phil Anselmo did his very best to get the crowd going, but it seemed that the fans required little encouragement and obviously years of living in rock denial sent some into overdrive. Russian band E.S.T. was next up, but the evening really took shape with the arrival of THE BLACK CROWES.

A phenomenal performance from metal gods METALLICA is another high-point of this concert. Old-school classics "Enter Sandman", "Creeping Death" and "Fade To Black" deliver an eardrum battering and by the time the legendary AC/DC take centre stage, the evening has already cemented its place in rock history.

"For Those About To RockWe Salute You: Monsters in Moscow" also offers a look at the efforts of the Russian Army to try and postpone the concert.



1. "Back in Black" (Young, Young, Johnson)

2. "Highway to Hell" (Young, Young, Scott)

3. "Whole Lotta Rosie" (Young, Young, Scott)

4. "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" (Young, Young, Johnson)

The Black Crowes:

1. "Stare It Cold" (Robinson, Robinson, Cease, Colt, Gorman)

2. "Rainy Day Woman" (Dylan)


1. "Enter Sandman" (Hammett, Hetfield, Ulrich)

2. "Creeping Death" (Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Hammett)

3. "Fade to Black" (Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Hammett)


1. "Cowboys From Hell" (Anselmo, Abbott, Abbott, Brown)

2. "Primal Concrete Sledge" (Anselmo, Abbott, Abbott, Brown)

3. "Psycho Holiday" (Anselmo, Abbott, Abbott, Brown)

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